Monday 24 November 2008

Choice Quotes, Comedy Gold

“Primark is good value. I'm planning to buy anything and everything.”

“You can go in there with a tenner and get a month's worth of clothes."

Second in the queue, Jackie Doherty, from Corby's Exeter estate, took a day off work to be at the launch. She said: "It's great for cheap clothes."

Director of Primark Stores Ltd Breege O'Donoghue spoke about the history of Corby and its famous sons, including gymnastics star Daniel Keatings and Gladiators referee John Anderson.


I didn't know that John Anderson was from Corby. He kept that quiet.

John 'Kipper' Anderson

Or did they mean this guy?


  1. Not sure I'd ever describe a Primark store as "exquisite"?!

  2. Exquisite for Corby. It's got to be better than Poundland, All You Can Want, Crazy Georges or countless card shops.