Wednesday 12 November 2008

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!

Everyone in my company is getting an extra payment of £2,667 (before tax) in our November pay packets! Ha, ha, ha!

Our company had something called an employment trust where each year staff were given money, I think it was some kind of ownership / profit share. We've just been bought by a huge Japanese firm (March / April) so they now own the company out right. Employees were given a lump sum each to compensate them as they would no longer be getting the annual payments. This is an additional payment as a result of a tax refund.

I've only been here for six weeks, ha, ha, ha! One lucky guy in my department joined today which just happened to be the cut off date.

I can now afford...

-X-box 360
-April's presents


  1. And pay me back!

  2. Go on, get spending, get our economy back on the road you jammy little toerag.

  3. Steve: Baa Humbug!
    James: Yes, I am a jammy little toerag